Technical Equipment

At MFACE, we have five modern dental and medical treatment rooms as well as two highly equipped Class I ORs that meet the highest requirements for surgical interventions. After Your surgery, You can regain Your strength in the relaxed atmosphere of our recovery room. In addition, we use the most advanced technology for three-dimensional surgery planning, such as 3D Cone-Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT/DVT), 3D Stereophotogrammetry (3dMD) and 3D Virtual Surgery Planning (3D Surgery™ Dolphin Imaging).


Meticulous hygiene management is a primary goal of our practice. We provide the highest hygiene standards for the safety of our patients.

Cone-Beam Computer Tomography / Digital Volume Tomography (3D CBCT/DVT)

The CBCT/DVT system is a high-tech X-Ray machine that was specially designed for facial imaging. This technology provides three-dimensional images of excellent detail, especially of the jaw area. The resulting images are more precise and present more information that is needed in meticulous planning processes in orthognathic surgery or dental implants. For example, the width and anatomy of the jaws and the exact position of adjacent nerves and blodd vessels can only be precisely determined with a CBCT/DVT scan, thus making the subsequent surgery safer and more predictable for both patient and physician. Also, CBCT/DVT scans produce significantly less radiation than conventional medical CT scans.


How it works:

  1. CBCT/DVT scans provide a series of cross-sectional images of the jaws and/or the whole face
  2. These images are either directly used for planning to scale or merged together into a three-dimensional image
  3. This 3D image is used for virtual surgery planning of orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery or dental implant procedures
3dMD™-Photogrammetry (3dMD) - Precise visualization of the facial surface for exact planning

The 3dMD Face-Scanner is the most advanced technology in 3D photogrammetry for facial surface imaging. The facial surface is scanned by 6 cameras several times per second, generating a 3D picture that is used for virtual surgery planning of aesthetic, reconstructive and orthognathic procedures without any radiation exposure. Datasets from the 3dMD system can be superimposed with the CBCT/DVT scans, so that we have a extremely precise imaging of bony and soft tissue structures, thus elevating the planning process for orthognathic surgery to the highest level. We can also visualize the procedures and demonstrate possible results to our patients almost in real-time.

Dolphin 3D Surgery™ (Virtual 3D Virtual Surgery Planning for Orthognathic Surgery)

The planning process for facial surgery procedures is bound to precision in milimeters. Especially in complex cases, conventional 2D planning cannot provide this level of precision because of bony overlap and distortion. Therefore we plan our orthognathic surgery procedures on the basis of 3D CBCT/DVT and 3dMD images using so-called „3D Virtual Surgery Planning“ with Dolphin 3D Surgery TM. This method simulated the movement of the bony and soft tissue structures on the computer, so that possible problems can be detected in the planning phase and the safety for the patient and surgeon can be maximized before entering the operating room.

3D Dental Implant Planning

Modern 3D diagnostics provides the information to virtually simulate the surgical placement of the dental implant in a correct position. Based on the 3D data, computer aided navigation ensures the highest amount of precision and safety. The surgical plan is further combined with custom-made positioning guides specifically made for each patient to ensure optimal results for You.

BodyJet – Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction (Body Contouring)

Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction (WAL) is a gentle method for body contouring liposuction. A special cannula is used to administer boosts of water jets, and the water is immediately suctioned out with the fat. The water jet helps to mobilize the fat efficiently, reducing postoperative swelling, pain and down time. The surgery is faster than conventional methods, and the fat can be collected and used for lipofilling procedures on other parts of the body (face, breast, buttocks).

MAFT – Micro-Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Injection)

Fat transfer is one of the most important inventions in plastic surgery of the last decades.However,  long-term results highly depent on the injection method. The MAFT-Gun™ can break down 1 ml of fat in up to 240 fractions and facilitates the exact positioning with the highest probability of volume stability. With this method, great and long-lasting results can be achieved especially in the facial area. The MAFT-Gun™, designed in the beginning of the new millenium by Dr. Lin in Kaohsiung/Taiwan, currenly revolutionizes the fat injection methodology. We are proud to offer this great invention as the first clinic in Germany to our patients.

Laser – gentle, safe and effective

In recent years there has been a substatial shift in the field of medicine, since many well-established surgical and diagnostic techniques are replaced by newer and less invasive procedures. Laser treatments play an impotant role in this transition and are routinely used in our daily practice. It is a safe procedure with minimal side effects that can be applied on an outpatient basis. We offer different laser systems that are tailored to adress a wide range of indications.

Hygiene Management

Avoiding infections and providing an absolutely sterile surgical field are the cornerstones of any surgical treatment. In our practice, we go way beyond normal hygiene standards. Our hygiene and sterilization methods are standardized according to the rigid guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and are regularly and independently checked. Our specially trained hygiene assistants not only apply those guidelines in our daily practice, but also expand and update those guidelines by continuing education. We percieve this special effort as an important and additional contribution to Your safety as our patient.

Digital X-Ray

Patient safety and well-being is our primary goal. By using the most advanced x-ray technology available, we can reduce the radiation exposure for each image by up to 90%. Digital x-rays yield images with higher detail that can be evaluated o a computer screen with higher magnification. This enables us to make a safe diagnosis and reliable treatment plan. Since there is no need for film development, enviornmental resources are saved and the treatment and planning processes are accelerated.

Class I Operating Rooms

The surgical success is not only determined by the skill and experience of the surgeon, but also by the general conditions of the surroundings like hygiene and sterility. Therefore we conduct all surgeries in our own clinic in Class I ORs, that are maintained according to the rigid requirements of the Robert Koch institute for Hygiene. The equipment of our operating rooms reduces the germ concentration in the air to the lowest possible concentration, which is achieved by components and filters normally found only in large hospitals. Therefore we can guarantee the maximum in germ reduction and patient safety on the way to achieve the best surgical result possible.

Digital Office

We feel that the time we would normally have to spend in administrative work is better invested in the care of our patients. Therefore our office is digitally equipped so that all patient data is stored on a central server in the clinic. All rooms have direct access to our powerful network, making treatment protocols, x-rays and other information available anytime in any room. The convenient documetation supports our daily processes and the safety of Your treatments.

Crisalix 3D-Simulation – A glance into the future

„How will I look like after a breast augmentation, a facelift, or a rhinoplasty?“ This question is familiar to many patients. Crisalix 3D is the world’s leading 3D imaging solution for simulating aesthetic surgery procedures by virtually remodelling the areas of interest according to the patient’s desires. Using three 2D pictures or a quick 3D scan in our clinic, the web-based Crisalix software can instantly generate a 3D image that virtually reconstructs the body area of interest. With the help of the Crisalix simulation tools the physician can then conduct specific modifications on the virtual body area. For breast surgery, we can determine implant shape, size and position but also simulate a breast lift, the size of the areola or even the placement of the scars, especially for breast reduction cases. On the basis of this simulation we can improve the communication of your preferences (e. g. size of implants, positioning, shape of the nasal tip) and agree on a surgical plan that gives you a valid impression of possible outcomes and help you with your decision for the surgery. We can also address possible problems before the surgery and incorporate this information into the surgical plan. Another advantage is the availability of Crisalix 3D for you as a patient over a secure internet platform. Patients have online access over their personal 3D simulation anytime from the convenience of their home so that partners, families and friends can be part of the decision process.