Treatment and Diagnosis on the Highest Level

After years of providing surgical care and working in the scientific field of our respective specialties, our vision was to establish a new interdisciplinary treatment concept in facial surgery. Therefore we are proud to offer the whole range of service to our patients – not only in the hospital, but also in our clinic in the heart of Munich-Pasing.


We took over the Clinic Am Schützeneck 8 from our colleague Dr. Dr. Michael Lippold. Originally established in 2007 and upgraded to the highest equipment level ever since, the office provides a highly modern outpatient clinic on almost 600 square meters of space. We have five treatment rooms (4 dental chairs), three beds in the recovery room, one guest room with seperate bathroom for 1 or 2 patients and two Class I ORs.


As the extent of some surgeries demand admission to a hospital, we have the unique possibilitiy that we can provide this care as head physicians in the adjacent HELIOS Hospital Munich West. Our patients do not need to switch their physician if the treatment has to be conducted at a hospital, for we can still conduct the surgery personally in our respective departments.


Also, we are extremely proud of our friendly staff that will take the best of care while you are with us.


PD Dr. Dr. Denys Loeffelbein at HELIOS Hospital Munich West 

Dr. Daniel Lonic at HELIOS Hospital Munich West