Dear Colleagues,


as a referral clinic we want to establish a long-lasting, fruitful and respectful cooperation with you. Therefore we oblige to the following principles when you trustfully refer your patients to us:


  • We conduct the treatment we agreed upon and keep you informed about the treatment course and any necessary changes via e-mail, phone, letter or personal contact.
  • We do not take over your referral patients into our own patient circle and respect your personal connection with your patients.
  • After a final visit and wound control, your patient will be referred back to your office with a detailed treatment report.


We strongly believe in interdisciplinary care and communication as a integral part of our treatment to provide the best possible patient care. We will also provide any additional information you may need as soon as possible.


Naturally, we want to treat our mutual patients according to the standard of best possible patient care. Therefore we follow the newest guidelines of the „Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften“ (AWMF), a consensus group to treat patients under scientifically established and reliable treatment guidelines of national medical societies.


We are also active members of numerous national and international societies in our respective fields. Please visit our personal websites for further information.


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Personal Website Dr. Lonic