PD Dr. Dr. Denys J. Loeffelbein


Dr. Loeffelbein has gained his German degree of „Privatdozent“ (similar to a PhD degree) and university teaching appointment  to the Technical University of Munich in 2011. In the same year, he founded the „Interdisciplinary Head and Neck Anatomy Course“ for dental and medical students, which takes place every 6 months. He guided many young students and colleagues during their scientific work on doctoral-, master- and bachelor theses and recieved a personal third-party grant for his „RapidNAM“ project. Currently he has 65 original papers and over 175 impact points to his name.


You can learn more about his professional career and his scientific work on Dr. Loeffelbein’s personal website.


» Personal website Dr. Loeffelbein

Dr. Daniel Lonic


During his career, Dr. Lonic has built a substatial clinical and scientific expertise in the field of craniofacial surgery. In Munich, he was Acting Head of the Craniofacial Department in Munich Bogenhausen Municipal Hospital before he went to the Craniofacial Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei/Taiwan, the world’s largest and busiest center for skull and facial deformities of children and adults. As an International Craniofacial Fellow he specialized in orthognathic surgery and conducted his research in the field of 3D Virtual Surgery Planning for Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, quantifying the results of surgical techniques for cleft lip and palate, and clinical trial planning. He published his work in renowned international journals and presented it on large plastic surgery meetings in Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Germany, Austria and the United States. He continues his scientific work with the Imaging Lab of the Chang Gung Craniofacial Center, currently in cooperation with the Munich Technical University.


You can learn more about his professional career and his scientific work on his personal website.


» Personal website Dr. Lonic