What is important before and after surgery?

We recommend a certain pattern of behaviour before and after surgery to help you get prepared for the surgery and ensure the best possible results. We will completely inform you about these precautions and provide you with detailed instructions during our consultations.

What documents should I bring to my first consultation?

If possible, please bring your complete medical/dental referral documents and x-rays to your consultation appointment.

Can I drive a car to come to the clinic before surgery?

If you have a major surgery under sedation or general anesthesia, please make sure you have an accompanying person picking you up. It is generally not safe or advisable to drive after surgery.

Can I eat before surgery?

There is no problem with eating before surgery if it is conducted under local anesthesia. For general anesthesia or sedation however, you should not eat, drink or smoke six hous prior to surgery. For children, those times may be different. Our anesthesiologist will inform you accordingly.

Which medication can I take before surgery?

Please inform us about any medication you take regularly during your initial consultation. We will inform you about postponing any medication before or after surgery.

Suggested behaviour after surgery
  • Do not drive any vehicles after surgery.
  • Please refrain from straining physical activity after surgery for the time we suggested at the primary consultation.
  • It is of utmost importance to show up at the postoperative appointments for wound control and treatment.
  • We cannot write out sick leave certificates belatedly. Therefore come to our clinic on time if your health status does not allow you to go to work.
FAQ regarding dental implants

A good summary of frequently asked questions about dental implants is available on the ECDI (European Centers for Dental Implantology) website.

Dental Implants FAQ of ECDI